Faith IN Fitness Class

Faith IN Fitness Series – Houston

Calling AAALLL Believers !!! – Quality Wellness presents the St. Johns Downtown Faith IN Fitness class to promote healing of health related diseases. Dedicated to a commitment of excellence, Paul Queen of Quality Wellness has designed a Faith IN Fitness Class to accommodate today’s believer. Get bible wisdom and the spiritual edge from a certified performance enhancement specialist and fitness expert who will provide guidance and educate about how to preserve God’s most important natural resource… Mankind.

Upon completion of our program individuals will:

Know and understand the components of fitness.
Know how to eat properly and understand the importance of a healthy diet
Know about health related diseases and understand how to combat them
Know how physical fitness effects self-esteem, confidence and reduces stress
Know more about kinesiology, anatomy and postural deviations
Know how to think properly towards nutrition and exercise

Event Schedule

This historic class is to take place every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6:30 to 7:30 pm… @ the Knowles-Rowland Center, 2019 Crawford St – Houston, Texas 77002.

06:30–06:45 Focus/Warm-up
06:45 -07:20 Cardio/Core Exercises/Strength/Conditioning
07:20–07:30 Cool Down/Stretch/Dismissal

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