Organizational Development

We take pride in supporting non-profit community organizations such as schools, faith based organizations and amateur athletic organizations working to help bring a better tomorrow for our youth.

Quality Wellness Queen House

Quality Wellness Queen House is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization registered with the IRS and registered with the State of Texas. All contributions to Quality Wellness Queen House are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Our programs has produced platforms to service our communities. Quality Wellness has created and coordinated numerous events for the Houston area schools and Parks and Recreation Departments. Also, QW has aided several church assemblies in the greater Houston area with programs. The bible says that because of a lack of knowledge people perish, so by giving proper knowledge about nutrition, exercise, kinesiology and how to fight the many diseases that come from the lack thereof we can help solve many of today’s major health issues.

Educational budget cuts and standardized testing foci are diminishing physical activity and physical education in our nation’s school system. As a result, childhood obesity rates have grown and continue to do so in enormous proportions. Sedentary technology and unhealthy eating habits also play major roles by enabling us and promoting inactive lifestyles. Almost 1 of every 3 children are overweight or obese, which opens the door to diabetes, high blood pressure and other cancerous health related diseases that stem from lack of proper nutrition and exercise.

Come join the fight against Childhood Obesity and other health related diseases!

If you are an individual or group looking start your own organization, and would like to be consulted on how to do so or a non-profit organization looking for corporate fundraising ideas, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and join the fight!

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