Quality ‘AFTER’, ‘PHYSICAL EDUCATION’ and ‘SUMMER’ programs will create platforms to serve our communities. The bible says that because of a lack of knowledge people perish, so by giving proper knowledge about nutrition, exercise, kinesiology

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At Quality Wellness, we produce ways to reduce and prevent obesity, diabetes and other health related diseases by encouraging physical activity and healthy living through active fitness events. Our research has proven that those (children and adults) living a more active

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Dedicated to a commitment of excellence, Quality Sports has designed a Total Performance Enhancement program to accommodate today’s student athlete.

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A certified fitness expert will customize an exercise program for you and/or your organization. If you’re a novice, no problem

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Welcome to Quality Wellness Global


Every human is a God original (DNA confirms this), and as a God original our first and main commandment is to love our God with all our heart, mind, body and soul.  Every human- (being, race and kind) is also made in the image of the Almighty.  So, it makes sense that we are secondly commanded and commissioned to love our neighbors (other humans) as we love ourselves.  To love our neighbor as we love our-self implies two things; First (1st), that we should love our-self.  We should love how we look, our body-types and the environments we come from… And secondly (2nd), that self-love is necessary to love others (and how they look, their body-types and where they come from…).

Love is an action word and should result in a showing of some kind.  Positive thoughts, meditating, encouraging words, reciting Bible scriptures and affirmations; proper nutrition and physical activity are just a few ways to love-self.

FACTS! – Positive thinking along with purposeful physical activity (whether structured or unstructured) has proven health benefits for children, adults and seniors.  Proper thought-patterning coupled with becoming more physically active has also been proven as excellent preventative, treatment and recovery remedies.  The exercising combination of mind, body and soul is sure to enhance your quality of life. Read More… 


Quality Wellness Report (September 15, 2018) – St. John Northwest, Kingdom Achieve Youth Ministry and Quality Wellness Global present GO – 2018 KINGDOM YOUTH SUMMIT.  RHEMA WORD from an elite panel of mental, environmental and physical health experts.  INSPIRING break-out sessions discussing the tough subjects surrounding our youth.  In an EXCITING atmosphere, like no other… GO WELCOMES ALL Greater Houston and surrounding community’s youth, parents, guardians, educators, organizations and leaders!!!  This monumental explosion of insight and information is FREE to the public and scheduled for Saturday, November 17, 2018 at St. John Northwest located 6696 Antoine Drive, Houston, Texas 77091 from 2pm until 7pm.

For sponsor packs, questions or to rsvp either call Nia Benjamin at 281.715.0800, email to or or complete the contact us.

Help us to preserve God’s most important natural resource … Our Youth!

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Although crime, violence, poor education, senseless untimely murders and way too many other social injustices are still prevalent in several neighborhoods throughout America… and now with very little remorse or regard of retribution, when looking at the top Killers of Men (and women) we see health related (mental and physical) diseases reigning supreme.  Nothing new, since the 1950’s heart disease has been the headliner; followed by complications from cancer, lower respiratory disorders, stroke, Alzheimer, diabetes, pneumonia, kidney disease, depression, suicide, et cetera, et cetera.

America, we have a problem!

SO Today, with the US spending over A Hundred Billion Dollars (per year) on medical RESEARCH, 3.8 TRILLION spent (in 2016) on HEALTHCARE and there were eleven (11) major (pharmaceutical) drug companies that netted 85 BILLION or more, and we still don’t have any cures for these diseases???

Dear Mr. President, can we please put a ban on medical research, healthcare and synthetic drug sells? It is HealthCare, hospital systems and the doctors who are forced into giving or making up diagnoses to generate revenue from bogus treatments and fake meds that are the real epidemics! I’m just saying… Reform is not enough!  Read More


Global-Wellness, one community at a time! Some say, “A family that PRAYs together, STAYs together”. Well, “A family that thinks right, eats right and is physically active together will LIVE LONGER.

Big Pharma is the nickname given to the conspiring medical establishment (in general) and pharmaceutical industry when discussing how and why they abuse, terrorize and induce sickness, disease and death. Corporate executives who contrive to bleed the pockets of the sick and dying. Or, companies creating a state of hypochondria then feeding on weaker minds…How about this one, inventing new maladies or renaming old ones in an effort to sell more drugs (Legally??)… more


Rescue Youth Afterschool Program has partnered with Houston ACHIEVE (a Quality Wellness initiative) to provide a physical fitness and child-wellness education project for it’s students in Houston’s historic Third Ward and Acres Homes areas… more


In Production Now – LEARN & BURN is a global student-wellness movement for kids ages preK – 6th grade. The movement has three core components: an educational physical fitness school kit, a live musical stageshow and an interactive children’s television show… more

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"We at QUALITY WELLNESS wish you prosperity, good health and a prosperous balance of body and soul."

~ Paul Queen