God Original (GO) 2018 – Kingdom Youth Summit and Family-Engagement Seminar is a project of the Kingdom Achieve Children and Youth Ministries from St. John Northwest Church in Houston, Texas.  This first annual youth-wellness event structure foci are mental and physical health.  It still takes a village, and in the mental recovery efforts from national disasters, school shootings and the manipulative strong holds the enemy markets to our young people; GO provides a solution!

Relief comes from remembering our Creator.  Our young people must know, then remember that they are not their own, but that they are God’s property.  And they should also know that after all has been heard, the end of the matter is that God’s Original plan is and always will be the answer!  So, while servicing the need to prioritize mental and physical wellness we (God’s chosen) have the responsibility to help motivate and preserve the lives of the generations to come.   Social injustices, technology, education and a weakened family structure are diminishing life-skills, communication, physical activity and the souls of our nation’s youth.

Therefore, GO WELCOMES ALL Greater Houston and surrounding community’s youth, parents, guardians, educators, organizations and leaders!!!  This monumental explosion of insight and information is FREE to the public and scheduled for Saturday, November 17, 2018 at St. John Northwest located 6696 Antoine Drive, Houston, Texas 77091 from 2pm until 7pm.  For sponsor packs, questions or to rsvp either call Nia Benjamin at 281.715.0800, email to [email protected] or [email protected] or complete the contact us.

Helping to preserve God’s most important natural resource … Our Youth!


GO – 2018
Kingdom Youth Summit and Family Engagement Team

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