Although crime, violence, poor education, senseless untimely murders and way too many other social injustices are still prevalent in several neighborhoods throughout America… and now with very little remorse or regard of retribution, when looking at the top Killers of Men (and women) we see health related (mental and physical) diseases reigning supreme.  Nothing new, since the 1950’s heart disease has been the headliner; followed by complications from cancer, lower respiratory disorders, stroke, Alzheimer, diabetes, pneumonia, kidney disease, depression, suicide, et cetera, et cetera.

America, we have a problem!

SO Today, with the US spending over A Hundred Billion Dollars (per year) on medical RESEARCH, 3.8 TRILLION spent (in 2016) on HEALTHCARE and there were eleven (11) major (pharmaceutical) drug companies that netted 85 BILLION or more, and we still don’t have any cures for these diseases???

Dear Mr. President, can we please put a ban on medical research, healthcare and synthetic drug sells? It is HealthCare, hospital systems and the doctors who are forced into giving or making up diagnoses to generate revenue from bogus treatments and fake meds that are the real epidemics! I’m just saying… Reform is not enough!

Clearly World, and it should be evident by now that we cannot rely on the government, research, researchers, healthcare professionals, doctors, pharmaceutics or pharmacist to find cures for our mental and physical health problems.  And Nope, we can’t rely solely on natural medicines, being vegan, eating organic, alkaline water or being physically active everyday either. To find or generate cures, we must first go to the source, the maker, the creator, GOD.

Every human being has a soul, which consist of our inner-most experiences, feelings and emotions; our heart and our mind.  Each heart-felt feeling, emotion and experience is connected to specific organs and the internal functions of the human body.  “A happy heart is the life of the body.”  Our soul is the conduit that produces our beliefs, which formulate certain attitudes.  Positive attitudes and right believing (peaceful, calmly, joyous, kindly, honorable, integrity, etc.) allow for our bodily systems to function optimally.  Inversely, negative or wrong beliefs and attitudes (revenge, deceit, anger, jealousy, stress, etc.) will eventually have a negative effect on the internal systems within the body.  Our beliefs and attitudes whether positive or negative generate our thoughts, or thinking patterns; and our thinking controls our decisions, actions and existence.   A healthy life would be so easy to obtain if our hearts and minds were pure and we lived in a perfect world where our experiences, feelings and emotions were all good.  But that’s not the case… so there has to be a spiritual, higher all-knowing being or power to guide our souls and radiate thoughts.

Buddhism views the mind and body as interrelated and interdependent and teaches to avoid evil, cultivate good and to cleanse one’s mind.  “All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”  Mohammed taught his Muslim followers to have a peaceful mind, even when changes in life come and to control anger. “Everything good that happens to you (o mankind) is from God.  Everything evil that happens to you is from your own actions.”  Hindus believe in karma, the law of cause and effect by which each individual creates his own destiny by his thoughts, words and deeds.  Being a Christian, the Holy Spirit (mind of Christ) lives in me and the words from the Holy Bible purifies my heart and renews my carnal mind.  Our FAITH, whoever or whatever connects us to God is the first, primary and essential component of the formula for mental health and the curing of health related or incurable diseases.

Knowing and understanding faith’s role in establishing our thinking and in initiating mental health we must then connect our spiritual heart and mind, to our physical heart and brain.  Buddha was right, cognitively the mind and body are interrelated, and it is the human brain (the organ) that controls and coordinates with all other human organs to dictate our bodily functions and systems.  The brain is also where all learned information is stored, processed and dispersed.  And the brain stem via the spinal cord and nerves sends (and receives) signals that activate our muscles, thus being responsible for our mental and physical actions.  However, the brain (like the rest of the body) is primarily fortified by the nutrients and oxygen received from blood and breathing, which is provided by the heart (and lungs).

The heart is both a muscle and an organ so it needs to be strengthened or strong for it to strengthen and make strong… Get It?  The relationship between the brain and the heart is a marriage that should be a match made in heaven and is one that we canNOT afford to grant a divorce.  Meditative speaking (preferably God’s words and thoughts) and routine breathing exercises, into structured cardiovascular physical activity is how to physically strengthen the heart; consequently, strengthening the brain.  We should not expect to have optimal physical health without first feeding the brain with accurate knowledge and understanding of our health issues and being mentally fit.  So, get our hearts and minds right first and the body will follow.  Faith first, then we confirm our spiritual with science.  Science is systematic knowledge of the physical world learned by sight and experimentation.  There are several sciences, too many to list but they are branched as either natural, formal or social with more commonly known sub-categories that include biology, physical science and psychology.  All of which are valid and very necessary for our healing.  Science is the second component in our cure formula for disease.  And I reiterate, science should not take precedent over the spiritual.  Everything physical comes from the spiritual, including our health.

We, Family or for finding a cure the patient who received the diagnosis along with their informed positive-thinking social support unit, group or organization is the third and key-component in the cure formula (NOT the doctor, caregiver, personal trainer or the priest…).

NOTE: Family does not necessarily have to be blood related, just sent by God.

Faith comes from what and who you are listening to and does not work without your willingness to believe or without your action.  We all have a responsibility to our faith, thus to God that should result in some type of deed or responsive behavioral movement(s).  The family and patient should research along with the doctor and ask questions, you should motivate and challenge the patient and your physical therapist or trainer to explain the therapy or physical activity, you should pray together with your pastor and family not just have them pray for you.   It’s not just the action(s) but your right believing, your knowledge, wisdom and your understanding of why you should think positively, drink water, eat healthy and participate in physical activity that cures.  These deeds are merely the manifestations of righteous thinking.  Without faith and family, it’s like you are trying to heal yourself… without God.  There can never be a man or woman-made cure because man/woman is the cure; our knowledge, our prevention, our rehabilitation by the heavenly grace of God.  Of which, or should I say who is the fourth a final component for the curing of mental and physical health diseases.  God is the first and last component, the beginning and the end.  For it is God’s faithfulness to His promises that ultimately cures.

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