Global-Wellness, one community at a time! Some say, “A family that PRAYs together, STAYs together”. Well, “A family that thinks right, eats right and is physically active together will LIVE LONGER.

Big Pharma is the nickname given to the conspiring medical establishment (in general) and pharmaceutical industry when discussing how and why they abuse, terrorize and induce sickness, disease and death. Corporate executives who contrive to bleed the pockets of the sick and dying. Or, companies creating a state of hypochondria then feeding on weaker minds…How about this one, inventing new maladies or renaming old ones in an effort to sell more drugs (Legally??).

Dr. Al Sears ( wrote; on September 24, 1955 while playing golf at his Denver, Colorado home then President Dwight Eisenhower collapsed from, at that time a rare disease, his first heart attack. Eisenhower died some 14 years later (March 28, 1969) from congestive heart failure. Some historians say this was the single most important medical case of the twentieth century because within the 24 hour period after the heart attack Big Pharma manufactured a crisis, a founding myth and a ‘solution’ that escalated heart disease to the number one killer of Americans and made the pharmaceutical industry the number one industry globally. Today in 2015 even with the healthier eating movement, lowering cholesterol consults and a family fitness frenzy heart disease still reigns supreme (Hmmm); with cancer a close second and chronic respiratory disease a distant third. Matters not what age demographic, culture or kind from Ritalin, Beta Blockers to Viagra, the Big Pharma has you covered.

TRUTH is, there will never be a man-made cure for something God has created. Nature generates its own means of fortifying, sustaining and healing the human body. The rest is up to you!

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