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In Production Now – LEARN & BURN is a global student-wellness movement for kids ages preK – 6th grade. The movement has three core components: an educational physical fitness school kit, a live musical stageshow and an interactive children’s television show.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that living an active lifestyle can help people control their weight, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 Diabetes and some cancers; strengthen bones, muscles, improve mental health, etc..

We understand that the nation’s schools are facing ongoing budget cuts that sacrifice arts, music and physical fitness programs and that as a nation we are living a more sedentary lifestyle than ever before in our history. Therefore, it is imperative that families and communities take the first steps to ensuring that all their members eat healthy and exercise.

“Learn & Burn” is the perfect resource for community oriented organizations, church assemblies and school systems to affect a change in the lives of their neighborhoods, members and students. The program is designed in a way that parents, ministry and school leaders are encouraged to participate along with their children. When we come together in a positive way in our homes, schools, churches and communities we become agents for change. Hey World, it STILL takes a village to raise a child!

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