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COMING THIS FALL!  Arrow Academy Odyssey Preparatory Jaguars have partnered with Quality Athletics ‘Sports for Achieving Wellness’ to launch its Athletic Department.  This coming year will be the first for competitive sports in Odyssey school history.

In addition, the SPORTS ACHIEVE curriculum and wellness-study will be implemented as part of the Jaguar afterschool program.  SA provides a certified personal trainer/coach to instruct students in team sports, dance-cheer, proper nutrition, corrective stretches and exercises based on their body type, postural deviations and cultural environments.  Every student will get a fitness assessment, weigh-in and we will record circumference measurements.  Our trainers will monitor and motivate students Monday thru Friday, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm.  Each day will consist of (30-60) minutes moderate to vigorous physical activity, sports rules/etiquette and health education.  Our fitness professionals will re-assess students (4-times a year) at the end of each 6 week block.  All statistical data from the study, photos, video, etc. will be approved by and remain property of Arrow Academy and Quality Wellness.

Sports Achieve afterschool program starts September 1, 2014, from 4pm to 6pm, Monday thru Friday at Odyssey Preparatory School located at 8787 North Houston-Rosslyn, Houston, Texas 77088.  The SA afterschool program and study is open to the public (we will show preference to Arrow Academy students) and has a $40 a week cost.  Upon completion of the program (2014-2015 Fall and Spring-end) each student will be recognized and receive a SA t-shirt and certificate.

REGISTER NOW!!! On campus or online @ … $40/week, Mon-Fri 4p-6p, Student ages K-8th with a 50 student-maximum (participants will be chosen on a ‘first come first serve basis).


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