Faith IN Fitness Project is designed to biblically inform believers about God’s purpose for the body and mind; and to promote healing.  Our faith-based program will provide bible wisdom, spiritual guidance and educate our children, youth, adults, and seniors about nutrition, exercise, proper mindset and foci.  FIF is designed to combat obesity, diabetes, cancer, HIV and the many other health related diseases plaguing our nation.

Faith, defined as the full confidence and confirmation of the things we hope for and the proof (evidence) of the things we cannot see or sense yet.

Fitness, defined as a state or general condition of being physically and mentally healthy as a result of proper exercise, nutrition and thought.  Right (Bible-based) thinking optimizes both our mental and physical being. “The body was created to do God’s will and made to heal itself.”

To plug faith into our fitness goals, we must first have full confidence that we are made in the image of God. We must be confident that by the stripes of Jesus, we are already healed of any ailment. Our understanding of ‘life expectancy’ has to come from God’s Word (and not from medical statistics, trends and forecasts). When attaining our fit goals we must be certain that if we live a consistent physically active lifestyle and eat properly, it will have a positive effect to our body (weight, blood pressure, diabetes, stress, etc.). Faith that the more we engage in cardiovascular exercising, the stronger our hearts will get – which will decrease our chances of heart disease and failure. We should be confident that although we may be overweight, by working out (30 to 60 minutes) every day it will allow us to eventually lose as well as maintain our body weight.

Faith without action (exercising, proper eating and proper thinking) is nothing.  Our healing and wholeness of life is in our Faith IN Fitness.


When:      Every Monday
Where:    Knowles-Rowland Gymnasium
Address: 2019 Crawford, Houston, Texas 77002
Time:       6:30 pm
Cost:         FREE

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