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Sports For Achieving Wellness is a fitness program that uses sports as a vehicle to promote healthy development.  Our faith-based Life Performance Enhancer programs will also provide guidance and educate young amateurs, their teams, schools and organizations about nutrition, exercise, proper mindset and foci.  SAW is designed to accommodate by utilizing elite speed-strength training programs, multi-sport leagues and tournaments, up to date educational information and special community events.  Our experienced coaches and mentors will elevate any individual and or team performance to the next level; whether in the classroom, on the court or on the field.

We believe that sports not only promote good physical and mental health; they also build character and prepare us for life. Thus, we seek to do our part by providing platforms to give knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will sustain the interests of both young and old, producing healthy thinkers and positive community change-agents.

Our project also offers a student-wellness childhood obesity-free in/afterschool program with written lesson plans about moderate to vigorous physical activity, nutrition, bully-free self- defense, teen pregnancy, gun safety and more.

For more information please call 832.368.8662.

Northwest Park Sports Complex
8787 North Houston-Rosslyn
Houston, Texas 77088
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3118 FM 528 Suite 163
Webster, Texas 77598
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