Quality Wellness and Uplift Center for the Arts Foundation have combined forces to service children and youth wellness needs world-wide.

“When you Uplift the Community, you Change the World.”  Charles & Nyree ViennThe UCAF

Together, we formulate an uplift center for Achieving Wellness.  Uplift Comics and Paul Queen have created an interactive physical education curriculum and a live performance to provide help in our nation’s fight against Childhood Obesity.

Educational budget cuts and standardized testing foci are diminishing physical activity and physical education in our nation’s school system.  As a result, childhood obesity rates have grown and continue to do so in enormous proportions. Sedentary technology and unhealthy eating habits also play major roles by enabling us and promoting inactive lifestyles.  Almost 1 of every 3 children are overweight or obese, which opens the door to diabetes, high blood pressure and other cancerous health related diseases that stem from lack of proper nutrition and exercise.

Download the Uplift Comics Assembly Packet

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