The most important part of the body to have physically fit is your CORE.  The core area ranges from your upper chest, down past your abdominals to your upper thigh, and wraps around encompassing your body, including both sides and your back.  Basically your body without the arms and legs…   It gets its name because it starts from the innermost part of our anatomy and works its way outward to the surface.  Starting inward from the spine, the major muscles of the core are in the area of the belly and the mid to lower back.  Core secondary muscles start from as far up as the back of the neck, and go as far down to the glutes.

The core area is also where our major organs reside (heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, etc) and it stabilizes the spine and keeps the body in proper alignment.

We at Quality recommend employing your core during any and all activities.  When exercising for sure, and when standing washing the dishes, bending to pick up the baby, holding the baby, putting out the trash, singing on stage, brushing your teeth… well you get the picture.

Join us at The Knowles-Rowland Center, 2019 Crawford 77002 every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30pm for ‘Faith IN Fitness’.

Remember to bring your yoga mat, bring a friend and DRESS TO SWEAT!

Prosper and be in Good Health!

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