Golfer Fit Training

Golfer Fit Training

Dedicated to a commitment of excellence, Paul Queen of Sports for Wellness Golf Achieve – Houston program has designed a Total Performance Enhancement program to accommodate today’s student athlete. Utilizing training programs designed for the elite athlete, the GTPE will take any individual performance to the next level. Get the competitive edge from a certified performance enhancement specialist and coach who will provide guidance, educate your child, team or league about the essence of being an athlete and the Quality Fitness Components system. This system is the key we will use to design individualized programs to improve flexibility, mobility, core-strength, endurance and power. Nutritional tips – Increased Sports IQ – Proper Mindset and Focus…

Upon completion of our Sports Wellness Program individuals will:

Know and understand the components of fitness.
Know how to eat properly and understand the importance of a healthy diet
Know about health related diseases and understand how to combat them
Know how physical fitness effects self-esteem, confidence and reduces stress
Know more about kinesiology, anatomy and postural deviations
Know how to think properly towards nutrition and exercise

When: Every Saturday
F.M. Law Park
8400 Mykawa Road
Houston, Texas 77048

Contact 832.395.7300 or Register Now@

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