Educational budget cuts and standardized testing foci are diminishing physical activity and physical education in our nation’s school system.  As a result, childhood obesity rates have grown and continue to do so in enormous proportions.  Sedentary technology and unhealthy eating habits also play major roles by enabling us and promoting inactive lifestyles.  Almost 1 of every 3 children are overweight or obese, which opens the door to diabetes, high blood pressure and other cancerous health related diseases that stem from lack of proper nutrition and exercise.

Houston Parks and Recreations Department and Quality Wellness (Faith IN Fitness, Sports For Achieving Wellness and QualityCARE programs) have created platforms to service the Denver Harbor, Sagemont, Mason Park, Milby Park and surrounding communities.  The bible says that because of a lack of knowledge people perish, so by giving proper knowledge about nutrition, exercise, kinesiology and how to fight the many diseases that come from the lack thereof we can help solve many of today’s major health issues.

  • programs/events targeting young girls and boys ages 5-17 
  • programs/classes targeting adults both female and male ages 18-49 
  • weekend classes/events serve our senior citizens
  • weekend sports/fitness activities
  • camps/ leagues / special events

Upon completion our Wellness Programs individuals will:

Know and understand the components of fitness.

Know how to eat properly and understand the importance of a healthy diet

Know about health related diseases and understand how to combat them

Know how physical fitness effects self-esteem, confidence and reduces stress

Know more about kinesiology, anatomy and postural deviations

Know how to think properly towards nutrition and exercise

Week-End Itinerary 

08:00p 12:00a Sports league-play – (FRIDAY)

02:00a 10:00p Sports league-play/Fitness Classes/Wellness Seminars – (SATURDAY)

09:00a 08:00p Sports league-play/Fitness Classes/Wellness Seminars – (SUNDAY) 

Note:  Each class, course, workshop, etc. is an (1) hour long.

The Latino CW program consist of weekend (Friday through Sunday) morning, daytime and night classes, sports and activities for seniors, kids and adults.  Each program is overseen by a certified fitness trainer and professional education administrator.  

Paul Queen of Quality Wellness believes that as a result of a lack of proper physical education along with certain financial and familial circumstances, disadvantaged youth do not have the resources to be inspired to participate and succeed. Thus, QW seeks to provide the missing resources through a stimulating and enriching environment; one that will sustain the interests of youth and produce young thinkers who are positive change-agents in their community.

Denver Harbor Community Center         Sagemont Community Center
6402 Market Street                                       11507 Hughes Road
Houston, Texas  77020                                 Houston, Texas  77089

Mason Community Center                         Milby Park
541 South 75th Street                                    2001 Central Street
Houston, Texas  77023                                 Houston, Texas  77017

Cost: $5 minimum donation


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