Houston Schools Healthy Fun Day and Expo

Southeast Texas Healthy Family Fun Day


Educational budget cuts and standardized testing focus are diminishing physical activity and physical education in our nation’s school system. As a result, childhood obesity rates have grown and continue to do so in enormous proportions. Sedentary technology and unhealthy eating habits also play major roles by enabling us and promoting inactive lifestyles. Almost 1 of every 3 children are overweight or obese, which opens the door to diabetes, high blood pressure and other cancerous health related diseases that stem from lack of proper nutrition and exercise. Thus, Quality Wellness seeks to provide the missing resources through a stimulating and enriching environment; one that will sustain the interests of youth and produce young thinkers who are positive change-agents in their communities.

Calling AAALLL Elementary School-Levels – Teachers – Administrators – Parents !!!! The Houston Independent School District Magnet School for Physical Development (Kate Bell Elementary) PTO and Quality Wellness present the 1st Annual Houston Intermediate Schools Healthy Community Fun Day and Expo to bring awareness to childhood obesity and other health related diseases. A smorgasbord of physical activities for kids and adults; 3 one-hour classes; Yoga, zumba and a boot camp – Sports performance clinics – Gymnastics, ballet – Fine Arts enrichment, free fitness assessments and seminars, food and more all at one event.

Date: November 19, 2011
Time: 10am – 4pm
Where: Kate Bell Elementary Houston ISD, 12323 Shaftsbury Dr., Houston, TX. 77031

Registration and pre-sale tickets for the event is only $7 per person/pet. Animal proceeds will be directed to a specific animal cause or organization on your behalf.

Bring your own yoga mat !!! And Dress to Sweat !!!

This event will serve as an excellent opportunity for all churches, youth sports associations and health and wellness organizations to perform health services, conduct interventions and make themselves visible directly to the Houston area school districts and community. And at the same time create a Family Fun Festival atmoshphere that everyone can enjoy!

Come join the fight against Childhood Obesity and other health related diseases!

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